International Student No.02Student Interview

Julia GEPNER (left), Cracow University of Economics (Poland)
Asa ARDIA ARISWARI (right), Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia)
April 2016 – August 2016 (Spring/Summer semester)

1. Why did you choose HUE for study abroad?

(Julia) I really wanted to have international experience during my studies and since I already spent one semester in Belgium, this time I wanted to go outside Europe. I read very good opinions about HUE, and my friends who had studied at HUE before really recommended this program.

(Asa) I really wanted to go for study abroad since when I was a high school student. When I was in 3rd year in Gadjah Mada University, therefore, I had consultation with my academic advisor for exchange program. At that time I had already checked a few exchange programs offered in the student portal but I hadn’t decided where to apply. My academic advisor recommended to me HUE’s short term exchange program for its reputation, so why not, I applied for HUE :)

2. How's (how was) your student life at HUE?

(Julia) It was truly amazing. Japanese students are very friendly and welcoming, HUE teachers are really great and know how to prepare interesting classes. I never had any problem with understanding students’ rights and responsibilities. I was also lucky because I became close to the rest of STEP students who came to Japan in the same semester very soon.

(Asa) My student life in HUE was so fun and I really enjoyed meeting other students from different countries. HUE itself provided a lot of really good activities for international students like Gion community activities, visits to gion elementary school, english friends hour, language partner program, also tea ceremony which was so amazing because I could take a closer look into Japanese culture and interacted with its people.

3. What did you like the most in Hiroshima?

(Julia) Everything. There's even not a single thing that I can think of as disadvantage of being a STEP student at HUE. The city itself is really beautiful, there is a lot of green and beautiful cultural and historical monuments, people are kind, Miyajima (I think my favorite spot in Japan) is really close. Ah, and I should add that at HUE you can get really delicious 100 yen breakfast.

(Asa) What I really like the most from Hiroshima is the people. During my exchange program in HUE, I met a lot of nice and friendly people. They really gave me a big help during my stay in Japan. I also like how Japan makes their cities so comfortable for living. Japan has really good pavement for pedestrians, a lot of parks, and an integrated public transportation system (which is really hard to find in my country).

4. What is your plan after the completion of the exchange program?

(Julia) I would like to work for a NGO - non governmental organization. Being a part of exchange like this made me realize how crucial it is to travel and associate with different cultures and I would like to share my experience with others and encourage them to explore the world. In my dreams, I am also planning to get a PhD degree in International Relations and Communication.

(Asa) After this exchange program, I decided to have another study abroad experience. I really want to learn something new, not only to broaden my knowledge but also to learn something new in terms of culture and language. HUE short term exchange program brought me new motivation and dream.