General Information

Academic Commons "Meitokukan"(=明徳館)

Exchange Program

Name of the Program

- Short-Term Exchange Program(STEP)
- Onsite Area Studies Program(OASP)

Purpose of STEP

STEP is a program through which we accept short-term exchange students from our Sister Schools, Affiliated Schools, and Network Partners for a period of six months to a year. HUE has accepted exchange students from various countries, including China, Korea, Poland, Germany, France, Denmark, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Georgia, Slovenia, Russia and Turkey.

We offer special Japanese language classes for language development and other business/economics-related classes such as Japanese Economy, International Trade and International Finance as well as Japanese Religion and Culture in English in order for participants in the program to understand the Japanese and its cultural differences.

Our objective is for our exchange students to deepen their understanding of Japan and its culture and come back to pursuit further academic research in Japan.

Period of Exchange Program

2019FW Batch @Matriculation Ceremony

First Semester(SS; Spring and Summer Course)
- From April to August
Second Semester (FW; Fall and Winter Course)
- From September to February

Interacting with HUE students

While your stay at Hiroshima University of Economics, there are many ways to make friends with Japanese students. Center for International Education Exchange offers several programs through which you can meet Japanese students. There are also activities with local elementary school students and the community. You can sign up for various activities and programs on and off campus – please check with the Center for International Education Exchange for more information.


Japanese students will help you with your Japanese lessons, usually one hour per week. You can work on your Japanese conversation skills with them, or you can plan other activities together. You need to sign up for the program at the beginning of the semester.



Students at HUE enjoy many sports activities. There are many sports and budo clubs, such as baseball, soccer, tennis, judo, kendo, and kyudo and you may be able to join them for practice and training. You can also take advantage of the training facilities and gymnasium on campus. For particular sports or budo club and training hours, please consult us at the Center for International Education Exchange.

Getting Your Visa to Japan

Notification of admittance to the Short-Term Exchange Program will be sent to each international student advisor as well as to the students.
HUE will prepare and submit "application for Certificate of Eligibility" to the Immigration Bureau in Hiroshima. Once the Immigration Bureau issues your "Certificate of Eligibility(CoE)", it will be mailed to you with your "Matriculation Certificate" so you can apply for your student visa at the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your area. Please consult the Japanese Embassy or Consulate for any additional documents needed for your visa application.

Scheduling Your Trip to Hiroshima

We ask you to arrive to Hiroshima during the designated period – normally about one week before the start of each semester to be in time for the orientation program.
Those arriving at "Hiroshima Station" will be picked up by the Welcome Exchange Student Volunteers. You will be taken to the Nagomi-kan dormitory by JR train with HUE students.
When you have your flight schedule, please let us know your flight schedule.

Orientation Program

Upon your arrival into Hiroshima, "Welcome Exchange Student Volunteers" will pick you up at designated meeting points and take you to your dormitory which is called International Square "Nagomi-kan".
After settling in, HUE student volunteers will take you around the campus and the HUE neighborhood as a part of orientation. They will show you where the local grocery stores, convenience stores, post office and banks are located, as well as how to ride a university shuttle bus.
Attendance to the Group Orientation is required for everyone. During the Group Orientation, you will receive information on how to register for classes, various school matters and rent payments, etc.

There will also be a one-day weekend tour to Downtown Hiroshima and/or to another point of attraction in the neighboring area. All STEP students will join this tour with Japanese students. You will have lunch in the city and visit the Hiroshima Castle, Peace Memorial Park, and shopping arcade. This will give you an opportunity to meet and make friends with Japanese students as well as other STEP students from different countries.


Lunch is available in the school cafeteria. The cost is between 300 and 500 yen.
We also have an ongoing "100yen breakfast project" at HUE campus in the morning.

Bakery, Cafe area(Meitokukan 5th Fl.)

Campus facilities

Free access to the Wi-Fi system, computers, study rooms are available on the campus.
Use of sports facilities, such as the gym, are also available free of charge.
(*Available during periods when facilities are not in use by club students. Consult the Center for International Education Exchange for information on when facilities can be used.)

Presentation Court(Meitokukan 6th Fl.)
Classroom (Meitokukan 9th Fl.)
Media Information Center
Football Park

Health Insurance

All international students are required to purchase and hold their own health insurance covering illnesses and accidents during the period of time they stay in Japan.
Furthermore, students who stay for more than 3 months will be required by Law to attain the Japan National Insurance.