General Information

Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP)

Name of the Program

Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP)

Outline of STEP

STEP is a program through which we accept short-term exchange students from our Sister Schools, Affiliated Schools, and Network Partners for a period of six months to a year. HUE has accepted exchange students from various countries, including China, Korea, Poland, Germany, France, Denmark, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Georgia, Slovenia, Russia and Turkey.

Purpose of STEP

We offer special Japanese language classes for language development and other business/economics-related classes such as Japanese Economy, International Trade, International Finance and International Relations as well as Japanese Religion and Culture in English in order for participants in the program to understand the Japanese and its cultural differences.

Our objective is for our exchange students to deepen their understanding of Japan and its culture and come back to pursuit further academic research in Japan.

Number of Exchange Students

Maximum number a year: 48

Period of Exchange Program

First Semester (Spring and Summer Course): From April
Second Semester (Fall and Winter Course): From September