Message from the President

— Be Student-orientated —

We foster graduates become with Koudoujin, people of involvement and action, those who have the ability to create the future.

President Odani

Since its establishment the university has enhanced its education system with the aim of fostering talented graduates who are able to contribute to the development of our society. Now, as we carefully pursue an understanding of the caliber of people that are sought after in society, we foster our koudoujin, people of involvement and action.

Our koudoujin are people who think outside the box with fresh ideas, are eager to take on new challenges, and have the ability to cooperate with colleagues for their joint achievement. At HUE, we offer a forward-thinking education, and have created programs that develop the students’ Knowledge, Personal Skills, and Communication Skills. In addition to this, we provide state-of-the-art facilities to make sure that our students can realize personal improvement through our programs, and become graduates with the skills to contribute to the development of our society, the regional economy, culture and sports. These facilities include the library, where students can deepen their knowledge, the Koudoukan where personal skills are polished through practical experience, and our new facility, the Academic Commons (Meitokukan) completed in December 2017, where students can study independently, and improve their creativity and their ability to express themselves.. This is a place where students gather, a space for intellectual creation, with an open environment where they can freely talk to each other, and form their own ideas.

We wish for our students to gain unwavering abilities through studying with friends and encountering friendly competition, so that they are able to survive unflinchingly in modern society. This wish is expressed in the words of our university’s guiding principle: ‘Be Student-orientated’. All of our faculty and staff work together to support our students. Create your future here at Hiroshima University of Economics, and we will do everything we can to support you as you learn.

Yukio Odani, President, Hiroshima University of Economics