Graduate School of Economics

Develop advanced technical economics expertise by way of HUE’s international research affiliations.


HUE Graduate School of Economics offers education up to the doctorate level and attracts students from all over Japan who wish to pursue master's or doctoral degrees in economics. With the increasing need for international research in economics, HUE actively collaborates with universities overseas such as Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia), Cracow University of Economics (Poland) and others. Through ever increasing academic exchange between the teaching staff and the students of these universities and other overseas research institutions, HUE promotes the development of large numbers of researchers able to contribute to the growth and success of business.


HUE’s Researcher Training Course is a single, integrated 5-year course which aims to develop master- and doctoral-level economics researchers able to carry out independent research and scholarship. HUE also has an Economics Master's Course (equivalent to, but separate from, the first two years of the Researcher Training Course) for those who wish to deepen the knowledge of economics that they have already acquired and thus obtain positions where this knowledge can be utilized, such as certified public accountants or tax accountants. HUE keeps the door open for students from a broad range of fields.