Department for Information Systems in Business

The Department for Information Systems in Business trains students to become specialists able to utilize information to create business solutions.

Due to the growth and popularization of the Internet, all current corporate activities, including product development, production, sales and even the management of customer relations, have become based on the utilization of information. Because of this, there is a growing need for personnel with the skills to utilize information within business. We aim to foster business specialists who are able to keep up with changes in the business environment, changes caused by the diversification of information and the growing use of information in real time, and who can use computers for business solutions.

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration

Department for Information Systems in Business: Course Highlights

1. Enhance specific expertise in areas where business and information merge.

The curriculum of the Department for Information Systems in Business offers many class subjects relating to business and information. We also offer courses in fields that straddle both areas, such as e-business and data mining. The provision of these courses is what gives our curriculum its unique edge. We strive to raise our levels of expertise in line with the times, and make every effort to review our curriculum system and our study methods.

2. Contribute to corporate activities by utilizing your knowledge of information in business.

In business, when the time comes to make decisions and consider strategies, it is possible to reduce risk and enhance the possibility of company success by utilizing information. Where is that information found, and what form does it take? What methods are there for extracting beneficial information from it and utilizing it for business activities? We study data gathering and analysis methods that can contribute to corporate practice.

Name of Course
Introductory Courses Introduction to Economy
Introduction to Business Management
Introduction to Information and Information Systems in Business
Introduction to Computing
Foundations of Information Processing
Introduction to Business Computing with Personal Computer S
Introduction to Personal Computer and Computing A
Introduction to Personal Computer and Computing B
Basic Courses Introduction to Business Management
Strategic Uses of Information Technology in Business
Business and Strategies
Basic of Business Administration
Management Information
Marketing Basics
Statistics for Business
Productionh Management &Planning
Basics of Accounting
Basic Study of MicroeconomicsⅠ
Basic Study of MacroeconomicsⅠ
Hardware Engineering
Software Engineering
Information Processing Ⅰ
Information Processing Ⅱ
Networking and Digital Communications
Business Computing with Personal Computer A
Business Computing with Personal Computer B
Business Computing with Personal Computer C
HTML Coding
Advanced Courses Name of Course
Courses on Business Operations Research
Organization Management
Data Analysis for Business
eFinance Ⅰ
eFinance Ⅱ
Current Uses of IT in Business
Project Management
Risk Management
International Enterprise Ⅰ
International Enterprise Ⅱ
Supply Chain Management
Production Management
Distribution System Ⅰ
Distribution System Ⅱ
Bookkeeping Official Approval Practice 2nd
Courses on Information Technology Corporate Information SystemsⅠ
Corporate Information SystemsⅡ
Theory of Database
Data Mining
Information Society and the Related Issues
Information and Vocation
Seminars on Business Information Business Presentation
Computer Programming A
Exercises in mobile application development
Computer Programming C
Graphics and Image Data Processing
Desktop Publishing
Essentials on Information Systems Management
Multimedia Processing
Data Mining Processing