International Student Support Programs

HUE has a variety of support systems to help international students focus on their studies.

Students from countries with a culture and lifestyle different to that of Japan may well experience uncertainties and anxieties. HUE makes every effort to ensure that international students are able to study and live in comfort, and has established both official and private support systems.


HUE does not have dormitories or apartments for international students. International students must therefore find their own accommodation. Using designated agencies, HUE assists students in finding appropriate good quality, affordable apartments or boarding houses.
Customarily, in Japan concession money and a security deposit are payable by the new tenant to the landlord, but for the peace of mind of international students, HUE’s designated agencies dispense with these requirements for concession money or a broker’s fee in the accommodation that they offer.
As well as being an easy place to live life in, the cost of living in Hiroshima is lower than in metropolitan regions such as Tokyo or Osaka. Also, as an “International City of Peace and Culture” there are many activities run in Hiroshima by volunteers, and other events for the benefit of international students.

①Rent From 25,000yen. ②Food Expenses From 25,000yen.
③Living Expense(excluding food) From 15,000yen. ④Books, etc. From 10,000yen.
①~④Total Living Expenses From 75,000yen. Tuition (monthly average) From 72,000yen.

Tuition Discount

HUE offers financial aid programs for international students (except research students and non-degree students) with outstanding academic results who come to Japan at their own expense but have difficulty paying for tuition. An application form is available for this purpose. Depending on the academic results of the target students, HUE grants one of 3 levels of tuition fee reduction: 100%, 60%, or 30%. For example, 2007 students who were granted a 60% reduction were exempted from paying 400,000 yen of the full 680,000 yen tuition fee.


A variety of scholarships are available at HUE to international students. HUE itself provides 3 types of scholarships: the Ishida Gakuen International Student Scholarship (100,000 yen/year), and the two scholarships associated with it: the HUE Alumni Scholarship (60,000 yen/month), and the Ishida Educational Foundation Scholarship (30,000 yen/month).
Students can also apply for scholarships from affiliated organizations such as private associations and local governments (30,000~70,000 yen/month). About 70%~80% of the students at HUE currently receive scholarships.

Special Subjects for International Students

Regular Matriculating International Students

All the lectures at HUE are held in Japanese. Furthermore, international students must take the same curriculum as the other Japanese students and earn credits in the same manner as they in order to graduate.
HUE does, however, offer a special curriculum for those apprehensive about their level of Japanese proficiency: “Japanese I & II”, “Japanese III & IV”, “Japanese A&B”, and “Japanese Culture I & II”. HUE also offers full Japanese-language education support for those students undertaking advanced research.

International Student Committee

The membership of the International Student Committee comprises all the international students.
The Committee holds various activities, including planning and conducting school festivals, camping, sports events, and fellowship trips. It helps to cultivate mutual friendships and deepen interaction with Japanese students.

Career Counseling and Support

HUE provides individual counseling through the Center for International Education Exchange and Career Center for international students regarding the path they will follow after graduation. Information and advice is offered to both those who wish to pursue higher education and who wish to find employment. Part of this support involves staging practice tests for the BJT (Business Japanese Proficiency Test), and defraying the costs of the BJT examination. These support systems and approaches are made full use of by students and are effective in promoting their success.

Application service for the Immigration Bureau of Japan (Application Service)

One of HUE's services involves taking care of applications normally done by students themselves to the Immigration Bureau of Japan for student visas. The main purpose of this system is to alleviate the burden of application procedures on international students to allow them to focus on their studies. HUE’s service includes Extension of Period of Stay, Re-entry Permit, and Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted. HUE also offers its services for applications for Certification of Eligibility for new international enrollees at HUE. For further information, please contact the Center for International Education Exchange.