Interacting with HUE Students

While your stay at Hiroshima University of Economics, there are many ways to make friends with Japanese students. Office of International Exchange offers several programs through which you can meet Japanese students. There are also activities with local elementary school students and the community. You can sign up for various activities and programs on and off campus – please check with the Office of International Exchange for more information.

LANGUAGE PARTNER – Japanese students will help you with your Japanese lessons, usually one hour per week. You can work on your Japanese conversation skills with them, or you can plan other activities together. You need to sign up for the program at the beginning of the semester. 

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES – Gion Community Center hosts various activities for families and their children in the area. They invite you to participate in some of the programs such as hiking, harvesting fruits and traditional farm experiences. 

SPORTS ACTIVITIES – Students at HUE enjoy many sports activities. There are many sports clubs, such as baseball, soccer, and tennis, and you may be able to join them for practice and training. You can also take advantage of the training facilities and gymnasium on campus. For a particular sports club and training hours, please consult us at the Office of International Exchange. 

Other Programs – 
“Study-Abroad” seminar (inter-cultural communication program with Japanese Students)
“Internship” Camp (overnight camp with Japanese Students) 
Friendship Trip (overnight/one-day trip with other International and Japanese Students)