HUE now offers a new curriculum to develop the Koudoujin: People of involvement and action.

HUE Faculty of Economics consists of 5 Departments: Department of Economics—learn how to read and interpret economics; Department of Business Administration—learn how to operate a business with knowledge of economics; Department for Information System in Business—acquire the skills for creating businesses that lead in information technology; and Japan’s first ever Department of Media Business—learn specialist media strategy skills to promote business; and the Department of Sport Business Administration—learn both knowledge about business administration as well as sports and physical education and its possibilities in business.
The principal mission of the Faculty of Economics is to prepare students for challenges ahead without fear of failure. In 2006, the faculty established a new curriculum to develop motivated human resources and based on the catch phrases: “easy to understand”, “easy to learn”, “easy to select”, “4-year straight education” and “high value added”. Through this curriculum, students can develop both theoretical- and practical-based skills.

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Department of Business Administration
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