We have prepare the HUE factsheet both in English and Japanese for STEP/OASP students.


(1) Those who have finished at least one year of study at their home institution.
(2) Those who have exhibited excellent academic performance at their home institution.
(3) Those who are in good physical and mental condition.
(4) Those who can bear financial burdens for studying abroad.
(5) Those who are enrolled in the Economics Department or a Business School at their home institution.

Applying for "STEP" and "OASP" Program

① Fill out the "Online Application Form" and upload the following documents

        - Recommendation Letter
        - Personal Resume/CV
        - Full-face photographs(For Student ID & application for "Certificate of Eligibility (hereafter "CoE"))
            * Photo must be taken within six months prior to submission
            * The photograph should only have the applicant pictured alone.
            * No hats, caps and/or sunglasses, and the photograph must be sharp and clear.

② Complete the"Supplementary Form(Housing Application)" and upload the  following documents below

        - Photocopy of valid passport(bio-page only)
        - Health Certificate(※ available here)
        - Proof of funds to cover all expenses(for “CoE”);
            ** Bank statement showing a balance of at least 500,000 yen equivalent for one-semester program.
            **Preferably issued under your name. In case you submit any proof under the name of your family or relative or anyone else, be sure to also submit the "Profile of Supporter & Pledge of Support"(※ available here)document specified by HUE.        

③ Email the JLPT certificate or a language certificate(※ available here)approved by the Japanese instrcutor in charge.

            *** Required for those who have studied Japanese
            *** Complete, signed by a Japanese language instrcutor, with the result of the student's Japanese language proficiency, if applicable.

④ Submit "Nomination list"(※ available here)and "Transcript of  Academic Record to be sent in by university coordinator.