Applying for Short-Term Exchange Program

~ Students from Affiliated, Network, and Sister Schools ~ 


  1. (1) Those who have finished at least one year of study at their home institution.
  2. (2) Those who have exhibited excellent academic performance at their home institution.
  3. (3) Those who are in good physical and mental condition.
  4. (4) Those who can bear financial burdens for studying abroad.
  5. (5) Those who are enrolled in the Economics Department or a Business School at their home institution.

Required Documents

To download a PDF File, you need to have installed the "Adobe Acrobat Reader." If not, please download this software

[Fact Sheet 2020-2021]

(1) Check List of Application Materials (22KB);
(2) H.U.E. Application Form (3 pages /193KB);
(3) Transcript(s) from the home institution;
(4) Letter of Recommendation from the head of department or advisor at the home institution;
(5) Personal Resume / CV; 
(6) Health Certificate Form (128KB);
(7) Proof of Funds to Cover All Expenses (visa purpose); This could include bank statement or pay receipts. If you are applying for a one semester program, you need to have at least 500,000 yen;
(8) Level of Japanese Language Proficiency Form(45KB);  (if you have studied Japanese)
(9) 2 Photos (1 - 3 x 4cm photo; 1 - 3.5 x 4.5cm photos);
(10) Copy of passport (copy of pages with stamps) 

For those of you applying for scholarship, you need to fill out the following:
(1)  scholarship application form  (to be filled out by student);  

* All the documents need to be filled out in English or Japanese; or English translation provided.
* Students will be required to submit all the required documents, through their own institution, to H.U.E. by a designated period.

Period of Application

(1) 2020 Spring/Summer Term CLOSED
(2) 2020 Fall/Winter Term by May 27, 2020 (Suspended due to COVID-19)
* The home institution will screen and select its applicants, then send the required documents to H.U.E. by the dates listed above.
* H.U.E. will notify each institution of the names of the candidates who are to be admitted into STEP by the end of December for the Spring-Summer Course, and by the end of June for the Fall-Winter Term.
* H.U.E. will notify those who have been chosen for the scholarship by the middle of March for the Spring/Summer Term, and by the middle of June for the Fall/Winter Term.

Other Agreements

(1) H.U.E. will act as the guarantor of the exchange students for visa purposes.
(2) H.U.E. will pick up the exchange students at the Hiroshima Station on their arrival.
(3) Exchange students will attend an orientation immediately after they arrive in Japan.
(4) Extension of the period of study at the university will not be permitted.
(5) Exchange students will be required to return to their home institutions immediately after the conclusion of the program.