Department of Business Administration

Students enrolled in the Department of Business Administration will learn the theory and practice of management, accounting, and marketing, and develop front-line prowess.

Business administration is a discipline that explores the flow of corporate activity, purchasing, production, and sales, and researches the best methods to utilize the base elements that form a company: people, goods, money, and information. Our course efficiently covers three areas: management, where the wheels of an organization are kept turning, accounting, where the corporate money flow is managed, and marketing, where sales structures are created. With a curriculum that addresses actual business needs, we foster personnel whose aim it is to create new businesses required for the society of the future.

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration: Course Highlights

1. Develop practical ability through classes taught by industry professionals.

To make sure our students obtain know-how that can be used ‘on the job’ through the study of economic and business administration theory, we welcome industry professionals with abundant workplace experience and achievements as instructors. Through classes which incorporate a sense of reality, such as case studies based on real-life experiences, our students are able to gain a solid understanding of how specialist theory functions in the real world.

2. Gain a wide range of skills and be able to play an active role in society.

As well as offering classes leading to the attainment of various qualifications, for example, bookkeeping and tax accountancy, we provide students with knowledge and skills that are useful in society. Our graduates are active in a wide range of fields, including working in corporate planning, sales and finance departments, as qualified tax accountants, as certified public accountants, and as marketing planners.

Name of Course
Introduction to Economy
Introduction to Business Management
Bookkeeping entry
The 3rd class of bookkeeping Ⅰ
Introduction to Management Studies
Basic Courses Basic of Business Administration
Business History
Forms of Business Ownership
Bookkeeping Official Approval Practice 3rd
The 3rd class of bookkeeping Ⅱ
Basics of Accounting
Marketing Basics
Introduction to Marketing in English
Basics of Foreign Trade
Management Information
Hardware Engineering
Software Engineering
Information Processing Ⅰ
Information Processing Ⅱ
Advanced Courses Name of Course
Courses on Management Business Administration
Financial Management I
Financial Management Ⅱ
Human Resource Administration Ⅰ
Human Resource Administration Ⅱ
Organization for Business Management Ⅰ
Organization for Business Management Ⅱ
International Business Management
Management Strategy
Production Management
Small business management theory
Actual state of making things at Hiroshima area
Corporate Information SystemsⅠ
Corporate Information SystemsⅡ
Information Society and the Related Issues
Courses on Accounting The 2nd class of bookkeeping
Bookkeeping Official Approval Practice 2nd
Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Financial Auditing
Management Analysis
Tax Accounting
Courses on Marketing Marketing theory
Foreign Trade
Distribution System Ⅰ
Distribution System Ⅱ
Merchandising Ⅰ
Merchandising Ⅱ
Marketing Frontiers
Foreign Exchange
Practical Applications in Foreign Exchange
Practical Trade
Securities Market
Service Marketing
Seminar Business Planning Ⅰ
Business Planning Ⅱ
Seminar in Marketing Plan Concepts
Marketing Simulation Software-An Entrepreneurial Approach