Master's Course

Achieve a Master of Economics degree, developing fundamental research capability and practical ability in economics and business.

In this course, HUE aims to foster fundamental economics and business research capabilities, and practical ability adaptable for positions that require a high degree of expertise. In order to earn a Master’s degree, students must attend lectures and tutorials for at least 2 years, undergo the requisite research guidance, submit a thesis, pass a screening, and pass the final examination. A fast-track Master's degree may be offered to those who, having attended lectures for at least a year, have shown excellent research performance.

At the end of the 2-year Master’s Program, students may obtain a specialized certificate for teaching at high school (geography, history, civics). In order to further enhance the teaching qualifications achieved as undergraduates, programs are also offered for students who plan to obtain other effective practical qualifications such as certified tax accountants.