Privacy Policy

Ishida Gakuen Hiroshima University of Economics: Privacy Policy

With respect for human rights, Ishida Gakuen Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE) has established the following privacy policy to protect personal information.

  1. HUE shall comply with the law and other regulations regarding the protection of personal information. In addition, HUE shall establish policy for the protection of personal information and shall execute, maintain and work to continually improve such policy.
  2. HUE shall establish a structure for the management of personal information, shall make known to all instructors and other workers the HUE protection of personal information regulations, and shall ensure that they are strictly abided by.
  3. HUE shall reveal to the owner of the personal information (hereafter “the Owner”) the information it holds regarding him or her, and shall not use the information beyond the notified or publicly announced scope of its use. Furthermore, HUE shall not release personal information to a third party or transfer it to a third party without the consent of the Owner, or without justifiable cause.
  4. HUE shall establish appropriate information security measures against illicit access to, and loss, destruction, manipulation or leakage of personal information, and shall keep the information accurate and updated.
  5. HUE shall respond in good faith, within a reasonable length of time, and to an appropriate extent, to any request of an Owner to disclose or correct his/her personal information.