Purpose of Use

Purpose of Use: Duties involving the Use of Personal Information

HUE shall properly obtain and use personal information for the following purposes in order to carry out its educational, research, social tie-up, and other objectives that lie within its fields of duty.

Students (Undergraduates/Graduates)

  • Academic assistance, guidance or advice, such as course registration, lesson and exam management, accreditation, determination of advancement and graduation, and awarding of degree;
  • Registry management;
  • Assistance, guidance or advice regarding school life such as welfare, extracurricular activities, health management or student insurance;
  • Acceptance of international students and dispatch of students overseas;
  • International exchange activities;
  • Job placement, career advice, career planning and development guidance;
  • Internships;
  • Access to the library, the media information center, and other facilities;
  • Submissions and applications to government offices;
  • Other (issuance of certificates, management of tuition payments, university activities, university public relations, statistics and surveys, communications, notifications or guidance materials).


  • Issuance of certificates;
  • Delivery of information, notices, and solicitations;
  • Job placement support for current students;
  • Management of alumni database, statistics and surveys.


  • Delivery of information, notices, and solicitations;
  • Matters regarding PTA operation;
  • Statistics and surveys;
  • Support for students’ study activities and campus life; .

Prospective Students

  • Entrance examination management;
  • Mail delivery (examination registration cards, acceptance letters, admission documents, etc.);
  • Admission procedures;
  • Pre-enrollment education;
  • Statistics and surveys;
  • Other matters regarding entrance examinations.

Information on visitors and those who request materials

  • Mailings (brochures, application forms, etc.);
  • Invitations for events ( open campus, counseling for prospective students, etc.);
  • Statistics and surveys.

Non enrolled Students/Postgraduate Student/Credit Transfer Students

  • Admission procedures, registration, auditing, research, accreditation;
  • Registration management, issuance of certificates, delivery of information and notices;
  • High school and college tie-ups;
  • Statistics and surveys.

Extension Course Students

  • Delivery of information, notices, and solicitations;
  • Course management.

Trustee/ Faculty members (Incl. full-time, part-time, contract, TA or dispatched workers)

  • Personnel, salary, welfare;
  • Health management;
  • University public relations activities;
  • Academic and research activities;
  • International exchange;
  • Approaching government offices: applications for permissions, submitting notifications, applying for documents;
  • Statistics, surveys or school evaluation (internal/external evaluations);
  • Other university management matters.

Disclosure of Personal Student Information to Third Parties

HUE will not release personal student information to any third party without prior notification unless required to by law or in the following circumstances. (Please address any queries regarding the release of personal information to a third party in the following circumstances to the General Affairs Section, General Affairs Department, on the 2nd floor in the Main Building.)

Notification to Parent(s) or Guardian(s) of Academic Performance

HUE believes that academic support in cooperation with parents or guardians is an effective approach from an educational perspective. A Notification of Academic Performance is sent to parents or guardians at the end of each term. Parents or guardians may request consultation sessions with the university regarding the academic progress of their charges.

At such consultation sessions, whether private or in the form of consultation gatherings, personal information such as the student’s registered subjects, results, and record of attendance is released to parents or guardians after confirmation of their parental or guardian status.

Information Provision to the HUE Alumni Association

HUE Alumni is a graduates’ association aimed at fostering good relations between its members and promoting contributions by them to the University’s development. At the time of graduation, upon request from the Alumni Association, HUE provides the Alumni Association with the following personal information in order to support the operations and activities of the Association.

(Information Provided)
  • student ID number
  • name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • address/telephone number
  • name of parent or guardian
  • names of the students' associations he/she was a member of
  • seminar professor's name
  • name of the company joined or other career information
  • date of graduation

(Purpose of Use)
  • Association newsletters and announcements regarding alumni association meetings or branch association meetings;
  • Notifications and solicitations;
  • Assistance in organizing alumni meetings of seminars and student associations;
  • Publishing and delivering of the yearbook;
  • Management of the alumni database and statistics and surveys;
  • Provision of information for assisting in job placement for current students;
  • Provision of information for assisting the university to maintain the graduate database;
  • Provision of information to the university for the announcement of school activities; lectures, etc. to Alumni Association members;
  • Other administrative tasks necessary to the operation of the Association.
We do not publish the alumni list for distribution or sales purposes.