Sports Facilities

Our sports center is situated on an expansive hilltop area, with a large field and extensive facilities where many senior athletes train. Boasting an environment where students can comfortably exercise, our sports facilities are one of HUE’s great attractions.

Ishida Memorial Gymnasium

This eye-catching gymnasium’s innovative design won the Hiroshima Fine Architecture Landscape Award. It has a main arena large enough for four basketball courts, a Budojo of 912 square meters and training facilities, and is considered a top-level university gymnasium in terms of both the scale and quality of its extensive facilities.

Track and Field Stadium

This training field boasts Japan’s first track to combine weatherproof, En-Tout-Cas, and natural grass construction. Its elevated position on a hill means that it receives plentiful sunlight, and has outstanding views; it is also equipped for night games. A monument stands here, honoring successful athletes in Japan and overseas.

Soccer ground

This artificial turf field was constructed as part of the Ishida Gakuen 100 Year Anniversary project. It uses the latest artificial turf, FieldTurf Mono, which is extremely similar to natural grass.

General Sports Center

This clubhouse, with its modern design, houses clubrooms for sporting groups.

Tennis court

The university’s eight omni tennis courts are suitable for both soft and normal tennis. The facility boasts an area of 7000 square meters. As well as being used for physical education classes and club activities, they serve as a place for student meetings. The tennis clubhouse is situated nearby.

Football Park

This area has one soccer court (four futsal courts), and is equipped with illumination for night games. It is mainly used by the woman’s soccer team.

Kyudo training facility

A place for regular close-range shooting, with a lawn shooting area (yamichi) extending to the shooting hall (shajo) and target bank (azuchi), there is a roofed area within the shooting hall for the straw butts used as targets (makiwara), and practice is possible even on rainy days.

Archery training facility