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Christmas Party 2016 was held at "MEITOKUKAN"


On December 15th, 2016, the Office of International Exchange held a special Christmas Party in commemoration of the opening of MEITOKUKAN, our new building, with the cooperation of several international students as well as Japanese students.

After the opening address given by Ms. Ishida, Vice President, the party began with Christmas songs by a group of international students and Japanese students.

They sang “Jingle Bell,” “Silent Night,” “We wish you a merry Christmas” and so on. Their fabulous chorus quickly changed the atmosphere into the Christmas mood.

Following the Christmas songs, Ms. Ian Febril, an international student from Indonesia, performed an ethnic dance.

There are more than 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, and they have their own cultures, traditions, dialects and dances. Ms. Ian is from Bali, Indonesia and so she showed us the traditional Bali dance, dancing to an exotic music. It was amazing.

The 3rd event was to make a traditional Chinese charm. Ms. Wang Xiue, an international student from China, showed us how to make it. In China, they make bigger one and garnish their house or car with it, wishing that it would bring a luck.

(Participants making the charm. It looks hard)

Then, Wenduriga, another international student from China, performed a traditional dance of Inner Mongolia, where she is originally from. Her graceful movement to a music with a quaint tone conveyed to audience a culture which she is proud of.

(Traditional dance of Inner Mongolia)

Lastly, CIAO, Association for International Communication, took control and conducted two different games: “Fruit Basket Turnover” and “Musical Chairs.”

(Fruit Basket Turnover)

They had a little break before moving on to another game, and enjoyed some refreshments.

(Short break with snacks and drinks)

After they refreshed themselves, they played “Musical Chairs” and had the high point of the game.

(Musical Chairs)

Thank you for participating in the party, especially those who also sang songs, performed dance, told us how to make charm, and conducted interesting games. We wish you all a Merry Christmas!