2019 Fall/Winter Semester HUE Culture Study Trip


On Saturday, November 16, 2019, we went to Okayama Prefecture as our Culture Study Trip in order to experience Japanese culture and broaden their understandings.

First, we experienced “Bizen Ware”, Japanese potter at Gallery Wakamiya and made a cup. Everyone struggled because it is difficult to shape, they made their own cups with the support of instructors. Although they used same clay body and firing by same kiln, these is a wide variety of results due to its properties. Each person made their own masterpieces, and we can't wait to see what their works look like.

After lunch, we visited the Kurashiki Bikan District, and strolled around the area. We had a good time by walking around the city along the river and going to the Ohara Museum of Art.

We believe that they had a great time together with international students and deepened their friendships. They faced and experienced another valuable aspect of Japanese culture.