A Visit from Denmark to HUE 18 Years Later


On July 17, 2019, we had a pleasant visit from one of our former students and her family.
Julie Lykke Jacobsen was an Exchange Student from Odense University, Denmark (now, Southern Denmark University) studying in the Short-Term Exchange Program (STEP) during the Fall/Winter Semester of 2001-2002.

The Director of the Center for International Education Exchange who was also there during her studies had a pleasant time giving her and her family a tour of the campus.

The best memory of my study period in Hiroshima was with the exchange I had with the Japanese students in the English Study Group we made. From the friends made in Hiroshima, she remembers learning about Japanese culture which made it more fun to learn the language as well.

18 years is a long time and the new buildings and the change in study and exchange environment is really astonishing. “The surroundings have really changed, and students really look very young (smile). 18 years ago there were very few people who I met that could speak in English, but now more people do. I feel the impact of internationalization.”

Julie, thank you for visiting us and for bring back pleasant memories!
I hope that we have more visitors like you. We will try our best to continue to provide a friendly study and exchange environment for our students so that they can come back to visit with their families as you do.